Akuyaku Reijou wa, Shomin ni Totsugitai!!

Alt title: The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!!

Vol: 4; Ch: 16
2018 - 2022
4.418 out of 5 from 868 votes
Rank #1,593
Akuyaku Reijou wa, Shomin ni Totsugitai!!

After reincarnating, I found myself as the Villainess in an Otome game I often played in my past life, the world of “Love☆Magical”?! Although I reincarnated as the Villainess Isabella… having memories of my past life, if I let the scenario play out as it did in the game, I’d be going down the execution route…?! To free myself from the worst possible ending, my noble battle begins, however… Can this overly unusual Villainess rewrite the ruin route awaiting her...

Source: MU

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This is such a cute and adorable manga I cant even lmao. Here you have a rather ditzy and sweet person as the mc reincarnating into le villainess, and her crushing on a side commoner character now her male lead i guess that turns out to be rather cunning and smart.  Their interactions are incredibly sweet and endearing, as both slowly get to know each other more and devote themselves to their relationship and future as a couple. Even though the betrothal was decided on the spot because mc and ml were superficially attracted to each other at the start, their bond grows stronger and stronger as they explore their rs and the world around them. It's also funny to see that the mc attempts to help others or solve problems, but somehow it turns out unexpectedly hilarious because she really isn't the super smart or cunning type. Like she does have her own form of logic that makes sense but it just falls over in the face of reality because she keeps forgetting to take some other things into consideration. Not to mention that this manga also, surprisingly, has an rpg like world system, and its worldbuilding is done well, introducing bits and pieces while also not bombarding you too much with info. (or thats my opinion anyway lol)A remarkable breath of freah air from the typical scheming villainess reincarnator stories I read. It is ridiculously light and fluffy, with very little angst, so might seem a bit unrealistic, but I'm too biased to this manga lmao. 

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