Akuyaku Reijou Nano de Last Boss wo Katte Mimashita

Alt title: I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss

Vol: 3; Ch: 13
2018 - 2019
4.363 out of 5 from 1,401 votes
Rank #1,155
Akuyaku Reijou Nano de Last Boss wo Katte Mimashita

When Aileen, the Duke’s daughter, regains her memories of her past life, she realizes she’s barreling towards ruin at full speed. Searching for any way out of her hopeless situation, the method she chooses is to capture the heart of the last boss-the Demon Lord Claude!

Source: Yen Press

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So, in the first three chapters, I felt that this was a perfect manga. It completely captured my interest and had a fun twist on the already-classic scenario of someone entering the world of an otome game as the "villainess daughter" and working to avoid the Bad End. I found Aileen and Claude to be an adorable couple. Aileen's so awkward and yet straightforward, while Claude's so obvious with feir emotions (because fe subconsciously affects the weather) and yet is also unsure of what fe's experiencing. And seeing Keith snicker at their cute interactions just reflects how I feel inside and adds extra enjoyment to it. Belzebuth has some funny moments because of feir simplistic loyalty. And Almond is cute. The rest of the characters aren't worth mentioning. But from chapter four onward, the relationship has lost the freshness and dynamics which made it mega-adorable. Claude starts expressing feelings of wanting to tease Aileen (which I don't find appealing) and feelings of jealousy toward feir ex-fiance Cedric. We also start seeing some more administrative and managerial plotlines, with Aileen leading a drive to have the humans and demons coexist. And I didn't get into this manga to see fem running a business or bringing innovations to this world, so these chapters don't excite me. And then the final few chapters of the manga end with Aileen having to fight against the possibilities of the plotlines from the original otome game coming to fruition. There are three such conflicts fe must overcome. The first one (ch. 7-8), I don't really care for too much. It brought up some unresolved questions about the nature of free will within this world, and just seemed like a sloppy way of creating romantic tension. The second one (ch. 9-10) is more interesting, or at least the background story involving Keith is. The actual resolution of the problem isn't anything to write home about, and mainly just seems to serve to lead into the third conflict (ch. 11-12), which was anticlimactic. Throughout the story, it had built up tension and suspense involving the threat of Claude "awakening" into feir dragon form, but then all that tension just fizzled out. To be clear: I don't like the ending, I'm largely okay with the midparts, and I absolutely adore the beginning. The strength of the first few chapters, and the residual happiness they bring me, is almost entirely the reason why this is rated so highly.

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