Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Shiawase ni Natte Misemasu wa! Anthology Comic

Alt title: Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show You I Can Obtain Happiness!

Vol: 9+; Ch: 47+
2019 - ?
3.967 out of 5 from 478 votes
Rank #4,777
Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Shiawase ni Natte Misemasu wa! Anthology Comic

A sudden engagement annulment, and a quickly approaching condemnation event! Tossed aside by the prince, and getting married to this man?! All the fiances are crazy about the lovely little sister?! The one to reach out their hand to the villainess who just had her engagement annulled is...?! Despite all the villainess' stories starting off in dire straights, in the end they're... all happy endings!

Source: MU

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This manhwa is an anthology of the otome isekai genre, chockful of villainesses all suffering or succeeding over their particular obstacles, whether it's a death flag, a male lead, or a ____.  I don't think it's fair to give this manga an overall rating since my enjoyment for each chapter varies widely. Instead, I'll rate each specific chapter according to which I would recommend for you to read and which you should avoid at all costs. 🚩 Definitely Read V2 Chapter 1: It's Been 10 Years Since You Asked To Break Off Our Engagement If You Insist That Much, Let's Break It Off! 🌹 I love the reliable and smart the female lead is, but the cherry on top of this is their very refreshing dynamic. My favorite for this series for sure! V1 Chapter 3: I Will Definitely Get My Engagement Annulled! ~ I Will Become A Villainess 🌹 I like the art style and the male lead +++ the airheaded 'villainess' is quite amusing. Turned out better than I expected it to go. V3 Chapter 1: One Day, I Was Able To Hear The Inner Voice Of My Fiancee 🌹 i love the concept + the execution is just MWAH chef's kiss. This was told from the perspective of the crown prince rather than the villainess which is rarely done so it's quite refreshing to read. V3 Chapter 2: My Betrothed's Personality Is Way Different From The Game 🌹 not your stereotypical otome reincarnation but I love how both of them reincarnated and want to avoid their bad ending by doing the complete opposite of their storyline. Perfect.  V3 Chapter 3: I Was Supposed To Be Married To Someone Who Hated Me, But Before I Knew It They Were Doting On Me 🌹 I have to admit I added this here because I'm biased to the male lead's personality and looks. That's it. That's the tweet.  V3 Chapter 5: I Shall Take You Up On Your Offer With Pleasure 🌹 So ridiculous and so out of the blue but I love it! V4 Chapter 1: Break Off The Engagement? I Didn't Do Anything, Directly Or Indirectly. But When I Looked Into The Matter...Who Would've Thought It Would End Up This Way 🌹 this title is the longest otome isekai title I've ever read. Ever. But I love the FL - strong and independent, the epitome of grace under pressure. V4 Chapter 2: The Kingdom's Most Feared Noble Lady Knight And A Tale Revolving Around Her Sword, Fist, And Relationship Skills 🌹 nothing special but cute and I liked it!  🎌 Not My Favorite But Unique N Refreshing V1 Chapter 2: The Tale of the Noble Girl Who Will Go To A Monastery After Her Engagement Annulment 🌹 Interesting turn of events and one I haven't seen in another manga in this genre ever!  V1 Chapter 4: Shall We Walk Hand In Hand Down The Flowery Path Of Evil? 🌹 Unconventional male lead in an otome isekai but it makes the story spicier in a good way! V2 Chapter 3: The Art of Rebuilding a Nation Begins With A Broken Engagement! 🌹 ...and they were secret lovers!!!  V2 Chapter 5: The Villainess Exploded 🌹 bruh she literally went out with a bang goddamn. I would've ranked this much much lower because the ML is an eye roll magnet but the explosion was too good to pass up on.  🏳️ The Ultimate Average "Meh" Chapter V1 Chapter 5: The Villainess Trifles With The Second Prince's First Love 🌹  V2 Chapter 2: The Villainess Laughs Innocently 🌹 A prince that isn't a black / blonde haired pale ML??? W O W  V2 Chapter 4: You Were Set Up, You Know? 🌹 Girls get it done incarnate  V2 Chapter 6: I Reincarnated As A Villainess. Come Quickly, my Engagement Breaking Event  🏴 Do Yourself A Favor And Just Skip These V1 Chapter 1: The Villainess Will Obtain True Love 🌹 Leaves a bad taste in your mouth and made me angry. I hate gaslighters and men like the ML in this chapter. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, you won't lose anything by not reading this one. V3 Chapter 4: Shall We Continue The Flowery Path Of Evil? 🌹 part 2 of the story with the same name. This is funny and focuses mostly on the child of the prime minister and his thoughts regarding his upbringing. This could've been good if not for the FOUR FLIPPIN PANELS of PURE PAIN. Why did the author have to include that? Why? Please? WHY??? Gross and uncalled for.

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