Vol: 18; Ch: 162
2002 - 2006
4.368 out of 5 from 1,229 votes
Rank #735

Nagasawa Shiina is just an average 3rd year high school student until her parents' company goes bankrupt. In order to pay the bills, she sells herself into prostitution. At her first job, a mysterious masked man crashes the party... and it's someone she knows. Akumetsu is the story of Shou, a vigilante that's out trying to straighten the corrupt Japanese Government through terrorism with his "One man, One kill" code of action.

Source: MU

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Kouba Sep 5, 2010
Score 9/10

So... what's the point?It's a story about "one" high-shool student Shou, who decided to change the political system in Japan by all means (almost). He knows how these people in the goverment are corrupted and all they care about is their own profit, while pretending that they do it for the Japanese people. Japan has a huuuge debt but noone cares, because they won't sink with the ordinary, hard working... read more

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TeHP1nkSh33p Dec 27, 2015
Score 10/10

Brilliant. Reviewed after completing the manga. This manga series is my long-standing personal favorite; its amazing art, the most awesome main character ever, its dark story, all just simply perfect. It is really difficult to say what makes this series awesome without spoiling its gigantic plot twist, so.. HNNGH- Okay, I'll beat around the bush and say that it made me think about the enormous potential of... read more



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