Aku no Kyouten

Alt title: Lesson of the Evil

Vol: 9; Ch: 36
2012 - 2016
3.898 out of 5 from 82 votes
Rank #5,795
Aku no Kyouten

Hasumi Seiji, who teaches English at a high school, is affectionately known as "Hasumin" by his students. He's popular, good-looking, kind to everyone, and efficient at teaching and solving problems. However, this "perfect" teacher has a much darker side.

Source: MU

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Spoiler Free Version: If you have ever wanted to know just how scary a realistic Pscycopath can be if they were masquerading as someone you knew and trusted... this is your read. This manga was real in a way that only a person who had experienced such things (or lived in a place where they happened) could really tell. If you ever thought to yourself: "That Light Yagami guy was too goofy for me, I could use a manga that portrays a REAL monster!", this is your read. If you ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is in real danger from said all to realistic monster, you will get that if you read this; if you can handle a deep dive into a tragic story about what it would be like to follow around and be inside the head of a murderous monster in human form... keep reading.SPOILERS:Plot: Following a Psychotic teacher on a stomach churning path of humanityless and soulless actions to manipulate his class and everyone around him into his 'kingdom'... finally culminating in him perpetrating a (thankfully fictional) mass shooting on the night before the school festival. We follow the many members of Class 4 as they are either blissfully unaware of how much carnage is to come... Or we are witness to the many soulless but cunning manipulations their teacher puts in front of them to follow.Aku no Kyouten was one of the hardest and most emotional reads of manga I have experienced in my life. I have read plenty of Gory, Trashy and dare I say bordering on bad taste manga... but this was a different experience all together. This was raw, unfiltered, vomit inducing, heart wrenching, all too real tragedy in a slow burning 30+ chapter horror show. From chapter 1 to about chapter 4 or so, you are starting to wonder if you want to BE Nasumin (the Antagonist and arguably the POV character for most of the manga). He is smart, handsome, cunning, and LITERALLY gets everything he wants. But this story is not to be mistaken for anything other then what it is... the main character is a monster. An unredeamable, but all too human psychpathic monster that calculates, makes moves ahead of time and then when cornered, just throws all pretense out the window and simply chooses to slaughter 40+ human beings 37 of which are still children legally and emotionally.There is no magic or demons involved here. No grand societal schemes or kabals of dark waves of parts of humanity to fight. Only a VERY realistic portrayal of what the victims of so many mass shootings had to deal with and what it might have been like in their shoes. Graphicly depicted in detail. The last 7 chapters are brutal.I didn't give this manga a rating intentionally. It was too real. It was written well and I finished most of it in one session. Go hug someone. I never thought I would appreciate having a soul as much as I do today.

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