Akki Goyou Garan

Alt title: Demon Order Garan

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
2.426 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #23,209
Akki Goyou Garan

The story of Garan, a travelling executioner who roams the land, killing bad guys.

Source: MU

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Story and characters Akki Goyou Garan is a manga about Garan, who is - as the synopsis states - "a travelling executioner who roams the land, killing bad guys." And that's really all this manga has to offer. Every chapter just shows Garan walking around, sensing evil, and punching the evil "demons" to a bloody pulp. Ok, that's not really everything: we also often get to see the bad guys doing bad things, and we're shown his backstory (then again, he's the only character who gets any backstory). I wish I could say any more about the story, but that's really it: there aren't even any real fights, it's just one-sided massacres. I suppose you could say this manga shows us "the evil in humans" or something, but if there was any message hidden in the gore then I didn't see it. This manga just sprints from gore to sex to rape to gore to gorey rape and back. I have to give the author some credit for finding one of the weirdest ways of combining rape and gore though: because who would think of giving a demon an extendable arm for a penis? (Extendable as in: it can become up to 8 meters long...) The characters in this story are about as lame as the story itself: there's the main character, whose personality we know almost nothing about - he's stoic for the most part, and the author fell in the trap of writing him as a hollow shell instead of an actual stoic character.  The side characters aren't any better: there's an underage prostitute who follows Garan for unknown reasons, and then there are the enemies. The enemies are evil because they're demons who do bad things, and aren't expanded upon: they're lucky if they're drawn in 10 panels... Art The art in this manga isn't very good either: especially the character designs look like they were from some ghetto 80s or 90s manga, with the good people looking charming and the bad guys looking grotesque. This spoils things a couple of times, when demons are posing as good people: it doesn't work as a surprise if you immediately see who's bad and who's good. There are only 2 things that are often drawn well: naked people and gore. But even for the gore, there are some pretty annoying moments of censorship: the most prominent is when a girl is attacked by 2 demons, and she's probably ripped to pieces or something like that, but the girl isn't drawn at all... so all you see is 2 demons attacking empty space. It looks silly, and totally kills the atmosphere - for as far as this manga succeeds in building that up. Overall Gore, rape and grotesque crap fill this plotless manga with flat characters. When the best thing in a manga is an arm-penis, you know it leaves much to wish for. I recommend skipping this one: if you want gore, go read Hellsing or Fist of the North Star or something...

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