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Alt title: AKB48 Murder Case

AKB48 Satsujin Jiken
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Mar 6, 2021

God, this art is ugly. And the dialogue is so unnatural. And the storyline is just a cheap knockoff of Detective Conan* that's overly concerned with showing off the AKB members. They are isolated in a mansion on an island and there are a series of murders. Atsuko has them participate in a hand-shaking event and a General Election as ways to narrow down suspects, but the reasonings behind why suspects are eliminated are often pretty flimsy and people definitely shouldn't be taking them as gospel as they are. The grand finale involves figuring out several sets of coded messages--those the killer left behind and those the dying victims left to try to point to the killer. And I just gotta say that these dying messages are way too convoluted. I did find the shoe size trap to be sorta clever.

*And I just noticed that the author of Detective Conan was involved in the making of this, so I guess calling it a "knockoff" isn't quite accurate...

2/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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