Akazukin Eliza

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Akazukin Eliza

Eliza is a girl with many suitors – though her disturbingly-muscular grandmother always seems to stand in their way. However, one day, a boy named Wolf crosses her path. He’s interested in her too, but will he be able to get past the barriers that stand before his would-be love interest?

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sothis Oct 9, 2009
Score 2/10

....... -_-;Well that was disturbing. A creepy muscular grandmother feeling her granddaughter up? Check! A giant worm creature that the main character eventually straddles? Check! Random pointless ecchi? Check!Honestly there isn't a point to reading this unless you want a bit of ecchi. The story is crap (a version of Little Red Riding Hood, essentially) and otherwise is a useless one shot. read more

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ghismeisk Apr 5, 2011
Score 7/10

It an alternative story to Little Red Riding Hood. I found it very interesting because it took the story and changed it completly. Its a one-shot manga so if you have a free time and you wanna read something. It wouldn't hurt to read this read more



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