Akazukin-chan ga Zukin wo Nuida You Desu

Alt title: It Seems Little Red Riding Hood Has Taken Off Her Hood

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2009 - 2010
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Akazukin-chan ga Zukin wo Nuida You Desu

In this unconventional retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red is just the sort of girl who figures hoods are out of fashion. So obviously she takes it off. Like any other bratty little girl, she groans when Mom tells her to visit Grandma who is sick in bed. But of course since there's pocket money involved, she can't possibly refuse! Little did she know that she would meet Mr. Mole, Mr. Hunter and of course the Big Bad Wolf. Will Little Red Riding's carefree attitude cause her demise, or will things turn out any different from the traditional fairy tale?

Source: MU

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