Akatsuki Babies - Custom lists

Alt title: Akatsuki no Babies!

Akatsuki Babies
  • Akatsuki Babies
  • Aka-chan ga Maou!?
  • A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring
  • 29-sai Dokushin Chuuken Boukensha no Nichijou
  • 10 Ways to Raise a Dragon

Sudden Child Appearance by FoodLife

The knockoff version of Sudden Girlfriend Appearance but instead of girlfriends, it's kids

  • A Classroom Bereft of Angels
  • Ace of the Diamond
  • A.D.A
  • 52hz Hertz Travel Agency
  • 29-Year-Old in the Service Industry

Official English on Mangamo App by Hoozuki

This is a complete list of every manga legally either published or translated and released in English on Mangamo App. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully released in English.