Akashiro Tamago

Vol: 13; Ch: 49
2005 - 2010
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Akashiro Tamago

Sudama Tamako is a very intelligent girl with a strong personality who is studying at a boarding school. One day, her uncle suddenly steals all of the money that her parents left her and runs away. Tamako has no other choice but to withdraw from school. Just before she leaves, she confesses to Katsura, a very gentle guy from her school, but he says to Tamako that he cannot accept her feelings because he can't have a normal relationship, due to some personal issues.While Tamako is wandering around the streets, she meets a businessman called Katsura Seiji. Tamako tells him about her situation, and he offers to help her out financially with the condition that she would work for his company after she graduates from university. A few days later, Tamako goes to Seiji's house to help him clean. There, she finds out that Seiji is actually the older brother of Katsura and Katsura's biggest secret…!?

Source: MU

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