Akarui Kioku Soushitsu

Alt title: Cheerful Amnesia

Vol: 6; Ch: 53
2016 - 2020
3.894 out of 5 from 424 votes
Rank #7,451
Akarui Kioku Soushitsu

Arisa has lost her memories of the past three years, and her girlfriend, Mari, worries that means their love has vanished as well. But when Arisa lays eyes on her, it's love at first sight all over again! Hoping to rekindle what they had, Mari decides to help Arisa experience things with her once more, from dates to kissing and beyond...?!

Source: Yen Press

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I really, really wanted to like Bright and Cheery Amnesia, but I'm really sorry to say I just don't.As a fan of gay things, this one's not for me. I just... do not understand the Japanese sense of humor, and it overshadows the gay by a landslide in this one. At least... I assume it's meant to be funny? If not, why does this exist? There's nothing actively offensive about the premise to me, but it's yet another bland 4-koma piece, featuring a level of humor about equal to that of a Garfield comic.But this one's different, I hear you say. This one has lesbians. Alright, we can go there. Stuff like this is why I pine after that perpetually rare beast, the Josei GL. Stuff like this is the filler manga of every season that you suffer through in search of something close to real gay relationships. The best I can say is that this piece features two women living together as long-term partners, and presents both of them as behaving in relatively safe, sane and consensual ways towards one another. Unfortunately, the amnesia plot is utterly wasted on wacky 4-koma highjinks, and the relationship feels stagnant, the format of the manga strangling any semblance of life from these characters. It's not romantic, it's not sexy, it's not particularly tender or loving, and it's certainly not funny.If it took anything about the premise at all seriously, I might have loved this, is the frustrating thing. Amnesia in a serious, long-running relationship could have been a great catalyst for romantic tension/drama, but the format and writing of the manga just... kills that idea and spits on its remains.If you want some funnies to chortle over while you drink your morning coffee, you might be fine with this, but might I also suggest the far superior Calvin and Hobbes? It's not gay, but at least it will make you think.

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