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Akame ga Kill!
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May 4, 2017

It started off really well, and I'm quite surprised as I watched the anime first, and the anime had pretty much followed every single detail for the first few volumes and it was great! It was fast pace and there was clear character development. But then it got to perhaps, Vol 13 and 14. It dragged a lot. I was literally just looking at the manga at this point, reading it seemed pointless because I already knew what was going to happen.
I'm kind of sad that most of the Night Raid had died in the end, especially boobs, I mean, Leone. Cause she had the chance to live. But I guess it was 100% better than the anime cause literally everyone including Tatsumi died.
I really did like the fact that they let Kurome and Mein live, I thought that was pretty cute. But the whole Mein being pregnant creeped me out, they looked 15 at the beginning of the manga and anime. Either way, the thing I like about Manga's and Animes is the character development and there were so many subtle changes in Tatsumi that it was quite unbelievable, and you don't quite notice the changes until you hold out a picture of when you first see their appearance and the last.
But did Tatsumi become human again in the end? I mean... ugh, right.
Despite a few of the volumes being a drag I really did enjoy it and would recommend to new manga readers!

9/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 1, 2013

This manga is what every gore fan is looking for. -cute girls -limbs flying around -epic villain characters The story is good, some plot holes but hey, even the best manga have plot holes, the characters are all drawn very good even the side characters look awesome. So if you want more, start reading fool, the manga is all you need

7/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Feb 19, 2019

First things first, wow, what a read. 

Akame ga kill is about a girl named Akame, even though the main character is a guy named Tatsumi. They are assassin's in a group determined to change the political corruption of their country. I have heard of this anime many times over but I never realized the depth of the story in the anime. 


The character development in this manga is not the greatest as everything moves at a pretty quick pace. Not so much that its too quick but to the point where a lot of characters aren't as fleshed out as they deserved to be. They kill off characters with ease and honestly you don't feel much for them in the beginning. Once you get towards the ending you start to feel things for characters that have now seen more development and you're familiar with. I would say if I hadn't known anything about this manga it would've affected me far greater, but I knew that everyone was going to die so I did my best not to get attached. 

What I did not expect was the fact that not everybody dies in the manga as compared to the anime. In the anime the main character dies, but in the manga he doesn't. He's not the same anymore, but he's still breathing. Still able to somehow reproduce but whatever I guess. When I saw that people weren't dying in their designation spots in comparsion to the anime thats probably when I allowed small attachments, which I shouldn't have done at all. 

I adored the little love stories that formed in this story and what really made this such a good read was the accumalated and execution of the end of the story. It was wonderfully done and I was feeling for what was happening. The saddest death for me was Leone, I really didn't want her to die. Also the impact of the last page, I just stared at it for a moment to really absorb everything that happened and how it ended. Really great. 

Overall I feel like there could've been improvements but I still enjoyed reading it. 

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jan 12, 2022

Akame ga Kill!

To make it clear in advance, yes Akama ga Kill has some differences in the manga and yes, the manga is better than the anime, as is the ending.

Akame ga Kill is a manga that tried a lot of things and honestly more than it could pull off. War, atrocities, corruption, character deaths, abilities, backgrounds, action, ambitions, so much the manga has devoted itself to, but very little of it has been a success.

In the end, what was Akama ga Kill able to convince with? Only with dynamically designed fights and the characters. Believe it or not, the manga had a variety of characters and even some relatively interesting ones. But these "interesting" ones were exclusively in the enemy group.
The troupe of main characters was average with minimal character traits and very little depth.

[Story 4]

The story is about the committed corruption of the empire by the minister who manipulates the young king to spread his malice and greed all over the country. In the guise of his madness, like-minded people gather and rob, rape, and kill to their heart's content everything without any limits. The rebellion created the assassin group called "Night Raid" which was dedicated to political assassinations and this group includes the protagonists.

It's an interesting concept, but this whole plot is far too black and white. The tragic justice and hope of the people, against the pure primitive bestiality of the minister, there is no in-between.
If it weren't for the special Yeager unit, which had several different personalities that have been very understandable.

Otherwise, the story is as follows "When two Teigu carriers fight each other, one will inevitably die" and this was well maintained until the end. No matter who, there are always casualties from one of the two sides until the war comes to an end in the finale. Of course, many of the protagonists die in the process. However, due to the lack of screentime and character development, their deaths are anything but sad, but rather "indifferent".

[Characters 6]

Even though there is hardly any development among the protagonist group and they are all kept relatively dull, at least the protagonist develops. From an emotionally average boy, he becomes a real war veteran who can completely assess situations and control his emotions perfectly. Unfortunately, he is only developed in terms of his maturity.

Akame, who is the only one of the protagonists who still had any relevance, is only the "problem solver". She has one of the strongest abilities in this world, with which she can kill her opponents only with a "cut", one hit one life.
Unfortunately, little is made of her. She is just the compartmentalized emotional glutton who worries about others and goes all out in battle. Until the end, she felt more like a tool to me than the main protagonist of this manga. In contrast, Mein had even more charisma.

The "Yaeger" were the most interesting group here. Wave, who was the antithesis of the protagonist and made it clear how he would be if he were forced to join the wrong side.
Bols, who was a war veteran who had to undergo executions and exterminations against his will, which traumatized him but did not destroy his gentleness. He was a relatively complex character.
Run, who was the supporting pillar of Wave, tried to consolidate his motivation and show him the right way.
Kurome, Akama's sister who was manipulated and drugged by the state. Who, however, could not change sides in the face of her commitment and guilt. Otherwise, she would abandon all her dead comrades who died for the empire.
And Seryu, who is considered one of the most hated anime characters, but in my eyes is much more complex than you think. Raised in the Empire, fed false information, her loved ones were stolen from her several times by the rebel army and she constantly blamed herself for her weakness in not being able to enforce justice. In the end, she became the monster that she tried to destroy without realizing it. A good example of how two wars can manipulate and change people from the root. If she had been on the other side, she would have developed very differently.

Likewise, most of the characters had ambitions and their own goals that they pursued.

Unfortunately, due to the flawed writing style. Too much potential of the characters sacrificed and destroyed. As a result, only a few could convince until the end. It's no use killing off characters without giving them enough screentime or making them convincing. Then they just die as empty immature shells.

[Illustration/Drawing 7]

Predominantly decent, the manga improved more and more over time. Whereas it started on average, it ended up with a relatively dynamic drawing style and a very detailed depiction of destruction. Likewise, the choreographed fights got better and better.


Akame ga Kill is a good manga, one that surprised me but at the same time disappointed me. The emphasis here was on the pure "shock factor" that the unexpected brutal deaths should hit the reader. That the depiction of rape, murder, and torture must arouse negative emotions. And that the death of the "villain" brings relief. This also worked, unfortunately, the plot and the development of the characters were sacrificed for it.

If you are looking for a dark fantasy, with relatively little plot armor and an immensely satisfying ending (emotionally speaking), this is the manga for you.

If you are looking for something complex with story and detail, I can not recommend it.

[Enjoyment 7]

4/10 story
7/10 art
6.5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Jul 4, 2021

Honestly the manga is way better than the anime i think you should watch both because the story is very different from the anime the manga brought way more characters than the anime and explained more they also built the world very well the fight scenes of the manga were just crazy and leave you breathless as for the story its pretty good both not perfect you will notice a few problems with it but nothing too bad overall its a great manga and really recommend it

8/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall