Akaku Saku Koe

Vol: 3; Ch: 12
1998 - 2000
3.734 out of 5 from 195 votes
Rank #16,387
Akaku Saku Koe

Karashima is a very quiet, mysterious high school student with an unusual job. His voice is so beautiful and pleasant that he is able to make a person do anything by just speaking, so to make use of his special ability, he secretly works with the police to help catch criminals. After witnessing this first hand, Kokubu, a girl with a crush on Karashima, decides that she must get to know him better. However, this won't be an easy task as Karashima tries to keep others from getting too close to him due to his potentially-dangerous ability. Will Kokubu be able to help support Karashima or will she be kept at a distance forever?

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