Akai Kiba (Anthology)

Alt title: Sabrina

Vol: 9
2002 - 2014
2.469 out of 5 from 205 votes
Rank #17,051
Akai Kiba (Anthology)

A cloaked, shadowy and mysterious figure hears noises from an alley one night, and goes to investigate. There, he finds a beautiful winged being with her arm stuck in a hole, being gnawed on from the inside. And so, he does the only logical thing...

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seiginohirosan Aug 28, 2015
Score 2.3/10

This manga is only 7 pages long. And it's effing weird. Story A mysterious figure comes across a girl whose arm is stuck in a wall and being gnawed on by some demons(?). If I went any further, I would have spoiled the entire manga, as it's not very eventful. Art The art is unique... It doesn't look very much like any manga I've ever seen. I honestly expected some mindbendingly gruesome and realistic art... read more



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