Air Gear

Vol: 37; Ch: 357
2002 - 2012
3.986 out of 5 from 3,707 votes
Rank #4,270
Air Gear

Move over, roller skates! The self-propelled, high-tech trick skates known as Air Treck have taken the world by storm. Itsuki ‘Ikki' Minami is a boy who'd love to get his hands on a pair of Air Trecks so he can fly through the sky like the beautiful girl he's seen over the rooftops, but he's left instead with being beat up by brutal, Treck-wearing ‘storm rider' gangs like the Storm Saders. However, Ikki's life changes forever when he discovers that his caretakers, the lovely Noyamono sisters, are actually members of a storm rider gang called the Sleeping Forest. They give Ikki his first pair of Air Trecks, and the rest is history. With new wings that allow him to soar like a bird, Ikki finds himself drawn into the underground world of the storm riders where battles, hot girls and fame await him. What Road will Ikki choose?

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Air Gear is the story about a boy who wants to be the very best Roller blade master thing. I think that was the story. It becomes super fucking werid later. But the main character says some shit at the end about roller blades or air treks or whatever so i guess The main plot is consistent. It's not but lets pretend it is. The story constantly changes and evolves. I originally thought this was a racing series but thats not it. The series is by all means a battle shounen series. The main difference that there is no magic (There is a lot of bullshit but i'll get to that). Instead of magic like black clover, Ki like Dragon ball, Chakara like Naruto, It's air treks. More importantly some air treks have this thing called plot convenience i mean Regalia. These are basically what gives each character super powers to become a god or whatever the fuck the plot feels necessary at the time. I had heard that the series gets batshit crazy but after reading through the entire manga, I don't think it was as batshit crazy as I was expecting it to be. Maybe like 85% of it. That is until i reached the ending. That's where this shit goes to 115%. For real the entire final fight segment is stupid as fuck. It is so goddamn insane with no motive or understanding of whatever the fuck thats going on. Honestly though the craziness is not really the main problem with this series. Comedy, Pornography, Flow of the story. These 3 things stood out in a very bad way. First of all the comedy was not funny. Not really, not ever. The reason for that is how poorly timed the series was. It does have good momentum when the moments get tough and the characters act serious but they always throw in these really shitty jokes. Im not talking about 1 liners while not looking at the explosion behind while pointing a finger up in the sky. It's this over the top seriousness that makes the series so fun and enjoyable. It's these shitty jokes thrown in between the series that ruins the flow of these cool moments. Also the jokes were just not funny at times. They were like 15 poop jokes, that is 15 too many. None of them were really funny and quite a few of them wasted way too much fucking time on it. It's not just improper comedic timings. There are also such a large amount of random ass nudity that i cannot enjoy. It's the same problem with the comedy. I don't want to see tits in between of an epic fight scene. If you are female character in this series by law you have to be naked. YOU WILL BE NAKED. It is the law in this manga. Wearing clothes isn't optional, It's a crime. There is literally a plot point introduced to have women naked all the time. That is how bullshit this series is. I did enjoy some of the nudity when it wasn't been thrown in, in the middle of the action. But these were far too less. The flow of the story was also quite odd. There is an entire tournament arc but some weirdo shit happens and apparently they win but we don't get to see anything, we don't get to see how it happened. It just did, moving on. Its really stupid how the author how wastes so much time dragging on certain fights while simultaneously skipping everything else. The boat fight lasted way too fucking long. These were just some of the issues in regards with the story. The characters could be better. Again with the nudity issue, The series has a sexual harassments problem. At least nobody was a casual rapist. Baby steps Japan. But yeah the male lead was basically casually assaulting women randomly. But its not a big deal because women don't have rights in this possibly dystopian world. The bigger issue was the short fat guy he was easily the least likeable character. His entire was sexually harassing women and he was not a cool character. The less I saw of him the better. Oh Great is as you'd expect Great at drawing. His artistic talent is top notch, and honestly this series did have the right main approach when it came to action. Men vs men anyway. If you are girl fighting your clothes will get ripped off. This is a universally accepted fact Not many series can fuse together Action and ecchi well and Air Gear is not one of them. It kinda sucks really. Despite this Air Gear did reignite my love for battle shounen. There is nothing more satisfying than having a 0% chance at victory and proving everyone wrong due to the power of friendship and Oh Great clearly shares that same love. It just kinda sucks that he constantly ruins this with all that other garbage. The part though where i gave on the story is the buddha stuff that starts showing up. I gave up before then but this really was the final straw. I do find it kinda funny how the main arguments i see for Air Gear is the fact that you should just be happy that a manga didn't axed. Like that should be enough. That is the main argument from Air Gear lovers. In the end Air Gear held up longer than I thought. Yeah there is a literally no consistency whatsoever. A lot of shit happens. There are twists in this series because that happens in series and no other reason what so ever. But i think i still didn't really mind this series. It was very inconsistent with its entertainment. I wouldn't really reccomend it. But i wouldn't Not recommend it either. TLDR: Its awesome and it sucks dick. Very inconsistent series. 5/10

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