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Ai Subeki Sadist
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Mar 7, 2020

If you liked watching Fifty Shades of Grey or keep listening to Rihannas song "S&M", then certainly this is for all you BDSM fans out there!!

Now it's not my personal best but I did enjoy reading it. Serious preps to the author (& of course artist) Tammy Hakoshi for doing those "specific" scenes well. The couple Jun and Kitaouji were interesting in their different personalities. Jun seems to be a pretty laid back 20 year old whereas Kitaouji is a 32 year old wealthy flirt.

I don't recommend this manga to people who want to back away from the BDSM side of things, I only read this manga just because I was bored silly and felt like I needed a fresh read so here I am writing this pointless review about it lol. Anyways you can make your mind up if you wanna read this story or not!!

Read 1/3/20

7/10 story
7/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall