Ai Kora

Alt title: Love & Collage

Vol: 12; Ch: 119
2005 - 2008
3.959 out of 5 from 849 votes
Rank #4,137
Ai Kora

Maeda Hachibei is unlike most guys, who lust after gorgeous girls. This pervert lusts after their discrete parts, instead. When he moves to Tokyo to attend school, he finds himself living in a dormitory with five girls, each of which possesses one of the ideal physical features he desires: gorgeous blue eyes, bullet-train breasts, a deep dulcet voice, straight “anime-esque” legs, or a waistline shaped like fine Japanese pottery. How can he manage to keep his wits when surrounded by these women?

Source: MU

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Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Sep 2, 2013
Score 8.5/10

Story: Ai Kora, a heartwarming tale about a guy who loves parts. I don't just mean an ass-man or a titty fiend, this is a guy with class and expectations, specific taste and a gourmet palette. He wants a specific kind of bust, eyes, legs ass neck waist etc etc. Each part needs to be a specific size and shape and this form of fetish is aptly called "Parts love". The series runs on this theme and is... read more

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TsundereloverMoka Jul 17, 2012
Score 10/10

Ai Kora, or more commonly refered to as Ai Kora, is a great manga to read. The main protaganist Hachibe Maeda, who has a strange fetish for different girls body parts and is a self proclaimed pervert who will protect the women whoes parts he loves. I found the manga to be hilarious, generally when one reads comedy,romance,eechi, and harem mangas they tend to get pretty stale. Ai Kora gave us a wide array... read more



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