Agnyeo Meikeo

Alt title: Villainess Maker

Ch: 34+
2021 - ?
4.188 out of 5 from 387 votes
Rank #3,074
Agnyeo Meikeo

I reincarnated into a romance fantasy novel written 10 years ago. On top of that, I became the villainess, Ayla, who cursed the female lead and was killed by the male lead. "Then, won’t it be enough if I don’t become a villain? I’ll live this life playing around like a jobless millionaire!” However… Before long, the days began to repeat because I didn’t act like the original villainess, Ayla. “Please stop Ruph…. The solution is simple. Become a real villainess. Riches, power, glory and men, you can have everything. If you want, you can even steal the crown and place it on your own head.” The seemingly dangerous and mysterious man spoke sweet, demon-like words into my ears. Can Ayla really become a real villainess in order to stop Ruph?Villainess maker, the devil’s captivating class to create a real ‘villainess’, has begun.

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Haneul has been a pushover all her life. But one day everything changes when she finds herself waking up in the novel that she wrote 10 years before. As the villainess Ayla Mertensia, no less. In the novel, after messing with the heroine Charlotte multiple times, the Crown Prince, who Ayla was in love with, kills her. As the NEW Ayla, she very much wants to avoid this end. And society in general. She'd be happy just lazing around reading while enjoying the perks of being a Duke's daughter. If only the world would allow that. Unfortunately for Ayla she gets caught up in a repeating time loop which eventually leads to the dark sorcerer Killian tracking her down and making a deal with him to essentially stick it to the god of the world who has stuck her into the Villainess role and punishes her via time loop until she acts like she's supposed to. Killian essentially tells her to OWN the role of villainess and stick it to that god. Killian definitely has the look of a villain. But... he's GORGEOUS! (if you've ever read 'How to Protect The Heroine's Older Brother' and have seen that villain family, yep, he's gorgeous like that. But way less scum-y than that family imo lol). Killian doesn't seem to know what to think of her in the beginning, but you can tell as the time passes, he finds her amusing as hell and when he laughs or truly smiles... it changes his whole look! Like WOW!  Anyway, the art in this series is beautiful, the plot is entertaining (though I'm not sure why some people got confused in the beginning. Maybe because I read so much I found everything super easy to follow? But I guess depending on the person you may or may not find parts of the story confusing. Though I think it's really easy to understand and not the slightest bit confusing. But maybe I'm a rare few? I don't even know...), the characters are great eye candy, and I look forward to each and every chapter!  If you enjoy isekai, reincarnation stories, transmigration, villainess stories, etc. then this is a series that you should definitely give a shot. I don't think that you'll regret it...

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