Age of the Awakened

Alt title: Era of Awakening

Ch: 152+
2017 - ?
2.752 out of 5 from 12 votes
Rank #16,751
Age of the Awakened

Above the Jia Kong mainland, a dragonborn young girl appeared. Possessing the ability to manipulate the elements, her body contains a mysterious form of power - Heat Haze's Breath. This power doesn't just reduce her life to a mere two years, it also causes her loved ones to be afflicted by various diseases! In order to change her fate, she embarks on a journey, a dangerous one that will take over a year, but what will happen on this journey? Will she find the solution she's looking for?

Source: Qidian

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PZcolo Sep 2, 2019
Score 6.5/10

Action packed story about a draagon girl out to look for the Ice Jade or something to save her sister, the story is in diapers so there isn't much to say about it. As for the characters, they are interesting but the character building and storytelling is embebed with lots of comedy relief, some of them I find funny but some of them are too tension and immersion breaking which I at leat don't like much, it's as... read more


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