Again My Life

Ch: 141
2019 - 2021
3.848 out of 5 from 725 votes
Rank #9,888
Again My Life

A righteous prosecutor, life reset, punish the villain!!!! A hot-blooded prosecutor, Kim Hi Wu, was murdered and sunk into the ocean while chasing the tyrant who controlled Korea. But Kim Hi Wu meets a grim reaper, who gives him a chance to relive and sends him back to when he was 18 years old. As a high schooler, Kim Hi Wu prepares to punish the tyrant Jo Tae Sup. “To get the devil, you have to become one”

Source: MU

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Highschool - University opera full of cliche, cringe. Barely any law implementations, half-assed translation and whacky mc. Story: The story is really stupid of how mc gets to go back in time because he died fighting evil corrupt men and is given another chance to fight them again but like really? might as well regress every person whos fighting evil then. Very simple yet stupid plot.  What's worse is that mc when he regresses as of chapter 17 where I dropped it there is barely anything law related. Just some high school opera of cliche bullies etc then continues the same into university.  Art: The art is very basic with some character uniqueness but that's all nothing amazing or beautiful.  Characters: There is hardly any development, the author just wants to make mc the only justice in the world while everyone else is either evil or stupid. No character building and the mc personality doesn't match his previous occupation as a persecutor.  MC acts as a complete high school novice fresh out of primary school and makes it an excuse because he's been 20 years out of high school that he doesn't know anything and needs to start fresh but as we know it prosecutors deal with the law all time and need to always be very knowledgable and always have the knowledge of everything but even law he forgot. He deals with situations with martial arts and doesn't solve situations with the law at all. It's as if the author copied someone else's work and needed something to draw an audience and decided to add an occupation of persecutor to mc to draw the audience's attention.  Translation: Frankly the translation is half-assed, a lot of times sentences don't make sense and it feels like random topics brought out of a hat without any explanation or context. Also, the translation is typsetted wrongly which makes the English letters look pixelated half the time.  In Conclusion, read "This is the law" if you want a law manhwa as this work "Again my life" is the worst example of a manhwa regarding law and is just plain high school to university opera full of study 24/7. 


A satisfying read for those who like battles of with and brains, pitting your opponent and mind games. While many compare it to other similar stories, I think that "Again my life" can be judged on its own. While there are probably better works, it's a good stand-alone with proper thrills and plot twists. It's definitely more for people who prefer complicated plans and slow downfalls of antagonists as the main characters strip their power bit by bit. The comic doesn't leave the characters without development but this is not the main focus. Readers don't ask "why they do this" or "how will they grow" but "what will be the next step in the plan". The strongest point is the plot itself. The plan developed to finish off the corrupt senator tightens slowly like a noose and it's hard to stop reading once you start. It's the battle of wits and brains where every mistake can end in someone's death. Every chapter is opened with a craving for more spectacle and action. The main character may look a bit bland but his intelligence is the main focus. Plus, an easy to understand character and motivation helps to focus on the story and I believe it was a good decision to leave him as it is. Again, this is not a character-driven story, it's an intricate web of corruption and justice. Still, while only a few characters go through arcs, all of them are solid and believable. Their action fit their personalities and motivations - this is to the point that the ending may feel a bit unsatisfying (only one scene from the last chapter, don't worry, it's still satisfying in general) but it is a perfect conclusion in terms of what drives the main character at this point. Not once did I notice someone acting out of character without a reason.  In conclusion, if you look for complex characters struggling with their lives, it's not a comic for you. Instead, approach it as a great spectacle created to trap you with its elaborate schemes and satisfaction from seeing them unravel.

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