After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country (Novel)

Ch: 99
2021 - 2022
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After Marrying the Disabled Crown Prince of the Enemy Country (Novel)

Le Zhi, the little princess of country Li, is charming and beautiful, and she looked like a begonia. However, once her country was destroyed, she crawled out of the hell on earth by stepping on the bones of the dead and was brought back to the enemy’s country Qi by Huo Xu, a childhood sweetheart and a thankless wretch, who had entered the country Li as a prince sent to be held as a hostage from a young age. Huo Xu looked at her with affection, “Zhizhi, help me bring the Crown Prince down. You will be my only Empress in the future.” Le Zhi pretended to put down her blood feud and smiled to agree. Huo Du, the Crown Prince of the country Qi, looked like a banished immortal but has a disability in his right leg. He has a sly and ruthless personality with insanely evil behavior. One day, his imperial father bestowed him a marriage and gave him the princess of the subjugated country. Huo Du sneered one after another. Huo Xu’s childhood sweetheart? Beauty trap? Tut-tutted, his imperial younger brother was really willing. 

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Includes 3 extra chapters.

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