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Afuganisu-tan is a small girl who is always being picked on by her elders. Whether it’s Pakisu-tan playing pranks on her every chance she gets, or her “friends” treating her like a servant poor Afuganisu-tan doesn’t have an easy life. Nonetheless, the young girl still continues to try her hardest, but with her clumsy nature making even simple farming tasks into a dangerous venture, will she ever be able to live an independant and happy life, or even make a true friend?

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MOJ Nov 11, 2012
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A Short review for a short (yet wonderful) one-shot manga Afghanistan is a very well made, interesting, and i dare say, cute one shot production. It basically chibifies the modern history behind Afghanistan, Pakistan, America and many other related countries. It is funny and very informative (text beside each page gives the actual history). The pictures do an amazing job telling the story from a chibier... read more



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