Adventures of God

Ch: 551+
2016 - ?
4.209 out of 5 from 201 votes
Rank #5,189
Adventures of God

Creating the world was a big job, but God finds that actually running it is a lot more work. Dealing with heaven, earth, and everything in between can make it hard for him to kick back and have a drink. Fortunately, he has Jesus and his right-hand man Gabe to keep things going in heaven and deal with the fallout of their Lord's many mishaps. Meanwhile, Lucifer and his assistant Ebag find that running hell is equally challenging. All the deceased sinners (and cats) of the world have been dumped in their laps, little girls keep summoning the devil to grant their wishes, and God keeps sending gay people to hell in a matchmaking attempt to find Lucifer the perfect man!

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