Advanced Evolution

Alt title: Chaofan Jinhua

Ch: 57+
2021 - ?
3.811 out of 5 from 280 votes
Rank #14,822
Advanced Evolution

Ming He is a teenager with an inconspicuous superpower, but his superpower is the lowest one out of the five tiers, White Dust. When he was on the way home, a disaster comet with the code name “Goddess” flew into the atmosphere and crashed onto Ming He, who was riding his bike on an empty highway. “Goddess” then became a spirit and gifted a powerful super talent to Ming He. With the addition of his original “trash” talent, Ming He gradually hikes towards his goal of becoming the strongest human, all the while slowly getting closer to discovering the truth of the cosmic universe!!

Source: MU

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Not exactly a good one, but readable for sure. The art is good, tho. I had my doubts if I'd like the fighting here at all. First of all, his special ability is "mystic fists". I don't really like those brawling fights anyways and it always seems strange, useless and lame compared to other ability users. In order to counter that, the authors gave his fists some extremely weird special abilities: He can absorb some stuff into his body and temporary mutate/empower his fists/powers with the properties of whatever he absorbed. (Water, air/wind, sand, metal, you name it) And thus, his punches can basically become anything. For example, a kamehameha. Makes sense, right? No? Yea, probably not ... All of it feels strange .. as if the author tried to force in something unique that no one else had in their manhuas ever before just to stand out (magic pew-pew through fist punches, I guess). But, giving the MC magic abilities in such a roundabout and strange way just feels weird. I guess I'd have preferred it actually being simply just "magic" instead of "magic shooting fists", even if it had been done hundreds of times in other manhuas..  Dunno if you can follow my thought here ..  The first "miniboss" fight (around chapter ~20) was a red flag for me here. The villain was trashtalking the MC while exchanging fists and that fight ended up taking multiple chapters because of that. I always hate this, since it isnt productive or constructive in any way for the story and just drags everything on needlessly without adding anything to the whole. I had my fears that this will continue for all the fights. Fortunately there wasn't anything overexaggerated like this since then. Overall, I will neither recommend it, nor will I advise you not to read it. Just give it a try if the setting generally appeases to you.

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