Adeline's Darkest Night

Alt title: Adeline-ui Gipeun Bam

Ch: 77+
2022 - ?
3.817 out of 5 from 204 votes
Rank #11,306
Adeline's Darkest Night

Adeline Rotyn gave everything to her husband, Duke Venzak. That is, until he kills her one dark and stormy night. Instead of dying, she finds herself transported years into the past. Determined to make the most of her second chance at life, she vows to become stronger and escape her horrid fate.

Source: Manta Comics

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ML is such a tsundere, you wonder if he actually just hates the MC. Well that's what she thought and that's how this story's plot came to be. It feels about par for the course for a mediocre "otome isekai" type manhwa (not actually isekai). Plot driven by poor communication and an abusive ML excused by "it was actually just 25 years of misunderstandings". If you don't mind an abusive, dense, and poorly communcative ML, then this manhwa might be for you. Otherwise, stay away. Regardless of all the early unexplained drama (MC dying, red-head abuser), what is true is that the ML emotionally neglected and borderline abused the MC for 25 years. Left her, as the duchess, in a dingy room with what appears to be no extra clothes. Treating her like a tool and unappreciative of the effort she put in to be helpful to him. Apparently all this mistreatment was because the ML just sucked at communicating properly. Crazy how that went on for 25 years without the MC ever finding out anything about the MLs real feelings. But whatever, that was in the previous life right? Well sorta. The ML still treats her like garbage, but the MC just expects it now and can stand up for herself so its okay. Then a few mild pleasentries such as saying "I wanted to see you" and treating her like a human, and voila, suddenly the MC is falling back in love. Ooooh lord, it took all my might to not drop this comic that instant. I don't hate this comic, it's kinda fun to read. The ML definitely sucks and the MC deserves better, but I guess it is what it is.

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