Acid Town

Vol: 6+; Ch: 53+
2008 - ?
3.85 out of 5 from 463 votes
Rank #9,701
Acid Town

Yukio has never had an easy life, and now lives in a slum with his friend, Tetsu. With his younger brother, Jun, in hospital and hefty medical bills to pay, he inadvertently turned to a local mafia boss, Hyodo for help. Now Hyodo pays the fees in return for Yukio joining his ranks and so the boisterous and irritable teen visits once a week to play chess. Meanwhile, Tetsu can do nothing but look on from the outside, and despite his feelings for Yukio and his desire to keep him safe, his best friend remains oblivious. With unrest brewing between Hyodo’s gang and a rival faction known as "Snake", and Yukio’s past returning to haunt him, Tetsu is even more determined to protect his best friend; but just what is hidden in Yukio’s past and why won’t he tell Tetsu the full story?

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