Absolute on the Mound

Alt title: Mound Wiui Jeoldaeja

Ch: 77
2022 - 2024
3.943 out of 5 from 197 votes
Rank #5,774
Absolute on the Mound

Until his second year of high school, Lee Jinyong’s whole life revolved around baseball. However, faced with the adversity of reality, his dream faded away. He never expected to be drawn into baseball again, until he started to see the unimaginable. [Baseball Manager Starts]

Source: NU

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Honestly the art carries hard because everything is beautiful and appealing to look at it especially the character designs HOWEVER The fundamental problem with this manhwa for me is the mc. Honestly he doesn't feel human-like or even slightly relatable whether it's just his mannerisms or his decision making. He's so obnoxious and loud without it be some sort of fun trait .. he gets this legendary pitcher as his "ghost" coach and a level up system yet he is a complete numb nuts.. you would expect manhwa like these to be satisying but instead just grinds ur gears because of the stupid tomfoolery of the mc and shxt comedy He has a lot of badass moments but him as a person is dumb af.. like for ex he literally shouts at the coach at every opportunity he gets and their back and forth Is the supposed comedy but its so frustrating to see because it's so boring and cringe The story is dope though and so is the concept  Unfortunately we have the most cringe midget on planet earth for an MC it's a shame really But yh it's still readable and if u can somehow scroll past the cringe and obnoxious nature of the coach and mc then u have a solid sports manhwa It's also weak to strong so it's fun to see the skills he gets and he's really lucky but still acts like a pussy when he is under the slightest bit of pressure Like for ex this one guy hit a home run on the mc for the first time in so many games and he literally loses his mind and looks to be mentally unstable.. like cmon? Who reacts like that especially in the independent leagues (not even the minor league) like what? On top of that he's cheating with the level up system yet he seems inferior to himself and its not a justified trait in the slightest  Just an all round frustrating read but go ahead and read it anyways ... see if u like it

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