Above All Gods

Alt title: Zun Shang

Ch: 453+
2018 - ?
3.722 out of 5 from 662 votes
Rank #18,119
Above All Gods

The ancient Sirius of the Red King, the capital of the Demon Lord, was besieged by everyone, jealous of heaven, besieged in Chiyan Ridge, judged by heaven, deprived of the foundation of the fairy path, the throne of the magic path, and died However, the ancient Sirius was born 500 years later with a mysterious ancient jade! The enemies of the last life, the revenge of this life, the shame of the last life, the snow of this life! I am an ancient Sirius, and I speak for myself ...

Source: MU

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Has its ups and downs and the MC is inconsistent, he's aloof all of the time but he might as well ignore others who berate him as killing everyone in the room who dare look at him badly. The pace is equally inconsistent, it goes from little to nothing happen, to the MC going on a rampage and non-stop action for 30 chapters.Same can be said for the story, actually, when I reached the chapter 100+ or so I was left wandering what was the point of all those chapters for this kind of development, you'll know what I mean if you read it.The good, mainly the MC I guess, he's aloof as said and considers himself above other's pettiness (sometimes) he puts up with quite a bit of slander and stupidity by others yet believe me that no one will dare fault him once they know what he's capable of. He also has a particular way of face-slapping.Overall... hard to say, the story pretty much has gone nowhere in ovver 100 chapters, it's not clear why, maybe the MC just wanted to regain some of his strength. The first 80-90ch or so were decent and somewhat enjoyable. With a decent MC and no remarkable secondary characters so far plus a blank story it can go anywhere from here, as if it hadn't yet started... Update: After some time the story starts dragging and the MC who's supposed to have been weakened is of the charts OP, the story goes in varying cycles of slow dragging content and then a few chapters of a bloodbath. I got bored after some times. Like many it didn't do well in the 100-150ch hurdle.

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