A World That I Rule

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Jan 16, 2019

Have you ever fantasized about what life would be like if you went back in time - what kinds of things could you teach the primitive people, and how well off could you become with your advanced knowledge?

This is an exploration of that fantasy, but set on a utopian island filled with Big Tiddy Elves.

The story is quite dark and grim - a brutally honest look at the greed of a man who arrives in paradise, and somehow wants more. It has a clearly driven plot with meanigful progression and development. My only complaint really is that the very end seems rushed a bit.

The art is gorgeous. Full color, and high detail in both character design as well as the environment.

The characters are the weakest part of this work, but by no means are they Bad. The Main Character has a clear motive and backstory that drive his actions. The natives don't have much characterization, though. That's more or less part of the story, but even the natives that he interacts with and develops a deeper relationship with don't really gain any more of a personality, at least not that would differentiate them from the other natives. There were a handful of times that it felt like you could interchange any random native with the character on-panel and it wouldn't change anything.

Overall, this is pretty high-grade for what's essentially a murder-porn comic. There is definitely room for improvement, but you'll find a lot more here than you would in most edgy/tiddy Comics/Manga.

7/10 story
9/10 art
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jan 30, 2019

It explains how capitalism works and how people become slaves of the system by using a story of a student moving to another world. The main character is literally "contaminated" with the cruel modern life style and tries to rule the peaceful innocent natives of a paradise like island using his knowledge from his own dark world. (The question is: was the encounter of indians or Africans with whiteman, simiar to this story.)

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 17, 2019

Now this is some smut, but it's some real high quality smut. I'll try my best to explain it without spoiling anything, because I do believe this is something you should give a quick read (when you're sure you're alone, of course). It's only 40 chapters, so you can finish it in an hour or so. A dude ends up on a utopian island full of elves that have all their needs provided to them, and there's no violence of any sort. All they do is eat and fuck. The dude, being a human, does what humans do and fucks shit up. The story is very meaningful, the character developement is spectacular, the art is great too. I highly recommend you read it. Only warning I have, is that if you're planning to fap, make sure you finish up in the first 20 chapters or so.

8/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Aug 10, 2018

The idea and concept of this manga is great and it would have been very entertaining to see how the characters in the story would progress and learn.

but it seems the manga was simply made for us to bare hatred towards the protagonist as the story goes on.

A island that i rule is Dark and way more gory than it needs to be as the aurthor seems to try to rub in at the begining of the story.

if it ever became an anime i bet many would love to hate it as it was practically made for that purpose.

The art is amazingly well drawn and shaded as it makes all the girls and boys on the island look like they were made with the idea of looking better than humans would.

for the people that like the H the manga provides this also shows though it is also trampled on by the plot making you focus less on how good the art is and how horrible the progression is.

The characters most of them don't even have names as the MC would actually name them since they didn't seem to have a need for one.

Overall if you want to read this manga you should know that its not going to be a pretty story and even if you came for the H you still are going to likely take more notice of it.


Now for the spoilers so i can get into detail about what is so Hatable about this manga.

The MC is a Horrible person and his actions make everyone else in the story more and more selfish greedy and bloodthirsty he is so horrible that the comments i read about the manga were most just people hoping the mc dies in the end or people that only read the manga at that point to see if the mc dies in the end.

When he meets bora the first girl to initiate sexual interaction with him he takes a likely to her and begins to think of her as his.

problem is on the island sex is a normal thing and the inhabitants of the island do it for fun and reproduction,he should know this as he saw everyone having sex as soon as he got there and noticed that the females were acting lewdly towards him.

howeverdespite knowing this when he saw bora having sex with another man he got angry at her and ran away,the man that had sex with her noticed him on the beach while he was making a weapon for self defense when the man touched him from behind the MC stabbed and killed him.

2 others notice him and have him join in them in sex before he could fully hide the body he was hiding.

after the woman wakes up from their exhausting exchange she looks around and notices the body after that MC kills her too and hides both of the bodies.

after this He starts to become more and more of an Asshole.

serveral days after the murders he decided he wanted to try eating meat there were little animals that were on the islands that were actually friends to the inhabitants since they were the only animals on the island he killed and cooked them for food he also feeds it to the inhabitants with them ignorant of what they are eating.

along with this the animals start to become aggressive towards the inhabitants as they know they are eatting them while the inhabitants are oblivious to it.

He uses the inhabitnts new found love for meat to become their official ruler and gave meat to any of the women that Only had sex with him and no other man.

soon enough all the females become his subjects and the males start to grow jealous of the MC

Noticing this the MC makes the males play a game where they bring on off the animals to him (To make meat with) And the one to bring the biggest one ould earn the privilage to have sex with a girl of his choosing.

after this the Winner the girls and the MC feast on the meat while the losers watch them eat.

on of the losers steals some of the meat and the MC Teaches the inhabitants of punishment they decide to tie him to a tree and let him starve.

when the inhabitants see him begging for food they would throw a rock at him.

Bora however releases him out of kindness and he attacks the mc Bora dies trying to save the MC.

This make him Furious and his punishment escalated from being tied to a tree to being burned to death.

as he kept making more laws the Mc started make the inhabitants more and more selfish to the point were they end up betraying the MC near the end for a new worse ruler of his making due to one of his girls burning down most of the trees in the island that make the fruit they need to live.

after this the Mc FINALLY realizes he made a mistake and that he was a horrible tyrant of a ruler,the girl who burned down their fruit trees protects him and keeps him alive giving fruit she gets from pleasing their new leader.

she eventually learns of the Mc's plan to kill him in order to save the island she decides to do this on her own and dies as the mc finds out when they see her head on a pike.

working together with the other inhabitants he helps the other steal the fruits on the fruit tree under their leaders nose and finds a new island.

he spent years on it letting it be until he eventually went back to see what becomes of the island.

All the inhabitants are dead as the animals they had been eating grew larger and ate them. only leaving an inhabitant that the Mc claims to be his son left to rule them fter the animals kill him he leads them to his world which his son plans to rule as he actually says when he gets there.

From here it seems more like translation stopped after the MC died rather than the manga actually ending.

5/10 story
10/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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