A World That I Rule

Ch: 41
2015 - 2016
2.559 out of 5 from 334 votes
Rank #19,377
A World That I Rule

Chi-Do Lee gets sucked into a weird whirlpool in a river, and somehow ends up on an island in another world. The island is inhabited by elves who wear leaf clothes, have the intelligence of a newborn and breed like rabbits...and they have bodies weak as butter.

Source: MU

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Chi-Do has always been kinda obsessed with hierarchies and lording power over others. In high school, he was able to be the "apex predator," but after high school he fell much lower in the social ladder. Then he fell into a whirlpool and was transported to a world of innocence, where people lived peacefully without any worries. Obviously, after getting used to the place, one of the first things he did was try to rule over these pure-minded elves. He introduces the ideas of restrictions and limited resources, which creates tension and disputes, which then provides him with the opportunity of creating a hierarchy and allowing himself greater control. During all of this, sex is the primary social interaction used to show how things develop. Of course, we have to suspend our disbelief somewhat to accept this progression of events. Mainly, why do the two elves fight over the ball when people have never fought over women? Is it because there's only one ball and they had the mindset that all women are equally doable? Did they not find certain women more attractive than others? Were there not some elves with personalities which others didn't enjoy being around as much, which would then lead to them having fewer sexual partners? And why couldn't they have learned how to make a ball on their own? We already know they were able to make rudimentary clothes. Making a simplistic ball shouldn't have been that much harder. And honestly, the idea that they were willing to give up their rights and freedoms for meat--for meat--seems ridiculous, especially since the fruit is said to give a sense of euphoria when eaten. But whatever, the story needed to provide some way for him to create supply and demand without just using violence.

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