A Way To Protect You, Sweetheart

Ch: 20+
2021 - ?
4.331 out of 5 from 123 votes
Rank #1,436
A Way To Protect You, Sweetheart

I was forced to marry a man who hates me. Which is to be expected since my mother killed his family. "I want you to promise me before we get married. After 6 months of marriage, I want you to divorce me." "...What?" "I know you were forced to marry me. We don't need to draw out an unwanted marriage, do we?" "An... unwanted marriage?" He dazedly kept on repeating my words.

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It's a promising webtoon for sure. It has some elements of a typical time travel romance historical, but from the start it establishes itself as one that has less angsty misunderstandings. Right from the first chapter, we're shown that FL already loves ML from the first life, and it's shown that ML loves her too. That hooked me in. It's a bit similiar to "Under the Oak Tree", but with a lot less dragged out miscommunication and angst. Characters: FL is determined to save ML in the second life because they loved each other in the first. That's a rare reason as most isekais have the FL's reason as that she wants to survive. I like those types of motivation too, but this is definitely a welcome change. FL has decided that she'll take things into her own hands to protect her beloved ML. She uses knowledge of her past life to navigate this life better. FL is abused by her "Saintess" mother. In this life, she'll escape the mother's grasp. Slight spoiler, but I think it's hinted that FL's the real Saintess... Summary of FL's character: she is a strong FL. I'm also hooked right from the first few chapters because we're shown ML's perspective too. We really get a look at his mindset and motivations, which sets him up as more than a 2D character. It's not often that a story showcases both FL and ML's minds, as often only the FL's is shown and the ML is written only to be the FL's love interest. The ML is a wise king who puts the wellbeing of his people first, even if he suffers. In the previous life, he was caring to the FL even though she was the daughter of the person who massacred his own family. I really like ML's gentle personality and rationality in this story. So, that's 2 positive, quite unique points about the characters that I already like about the webtoon. Plot: The story sets up the conflict between the kingdom and the empire well. The current tone of the story is a bit dark. The story's told well and keeps my interest. I will admit I've read some novel spoilers, and they set up some good expectations for the upcoming plot. The plot sounds really interesting, and will give readers satisfaction of seeing the evil mother's downfall. Art: Good art. Good lighting, proportions, expressions, and character looks. Conclusion: The only reason I dare not give this a 10 yet is because there's only been 4 translated chapters. I'm highly excited for the next chapters of the manhwa. Honestly, I hesitated to read this at first, but after I saw the cover picture of how happy they were (I have never seen a ML smiling so radiantly and truly blissfully in these kinds of webtoons), I couldn't help but try reading it. 

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