A Tyrant's First Love

Alt title: Poggunhwangje-ui Cheos-salang

Ch: 71+
2019 - ?
3.504 out of 5 from 598 votes
Rank #20,280
A Tyrant's First Love

From the moment she woke up in a foreign country, Dia knew she was fated for misery. With no memories of her past and unaccustomed to the language, she was taken in by a baron’s house. For four long years, she was beaten and abused with only the eldest son of House Knolls as a friend. But everything changed when the sadistic emperor of the Caios Empire, who was notorious for having a macabre hobby, barged into the mansion and gazed deeply into Dia’s eyes. From that moment on, she was whisked away into a gothic nightmare of blood and lust. Could Emperor Caire hold the key to unlocking Dia’s past?

Source: TappyToon

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