A Tryst with my Brutish Boss

Alt title: Kamijou Kachou to Himitsu no Mitsuai Keiyaku

Vol: 1; Ch: 12
2016 - 2019
3.33 out of 5 from 28 votes
Rank #25,767
A Tryst with my Brutish Boss

After being dumped by her coworker boyfriend, Kanami tries to cover her embarrassment by spreading around the lie that she's already found a new boyfriend, even though there's no way she can find one. Depressed and forced to work overtime, she accidentally discovers the one secret of the office's resident super manager, Shoji Kamijo! He offers to do anything for her, so long as she keeps quiet about it, so he has no choice but to do as she says! So, she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend... However, a coworker who doubts they're really dating and a new guy who makes an advance arrive on the scene...!! 

Source: Renta!

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