A Trace of the Wonder

Ch: 22+
2021 - ?
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A Trace of the Wonder

S Tier Hunter Sa Hyun--a member of HN, one of the world's top guilds--came to see Jeong Yi-Seon. "I came to scout you, Mr. Jeong." "Like hell you are, if you're approaching me like that." "I don't think you know what exactly 'hell' is, but......" Still full of laughter, he stared right at him. He was definitely smiling, but his icy eyes still sent a shiver down Yi-Seon's spine. Sa Hyun approached the stiff Yi-seon, one step at a time. Leaning down, he whispered. Whispered in a kind, friendly voice. "Those corpses that haunt you... I'll take care of them."

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