A Town Where You Live

Alt title: Kimi no Iru Machi

Vol: 27; Ch: 261
2008 - 2014
4.091 out of 5 from 1,882 votes
Rank #1,961
A Town Where You Live

Yuzuki, a girl from Tokyo, has moved to the country in order to start high school. But in order to do so, she's living in the home of Haruto, a complete stranger! In other words, she's a freeloader!! Haruto never agreed to have her live there, and all he can think is “How can they suddenly make me live with someone I've never even met before...?” Despite that, Yuzuki makes herself completely at home on the very first day! They start at the same school in spring, along with the girl of Haruto's dreams, Nanami. Looks like this is going to be a pain for Haruto..

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This story is, for me, divided in 3 distinct parts. 1. Countryside part. Basically it's good. It's the introduction with the main characters, the context of the story and everything else. It becomes gradually more "drama" and it was quite frustrating to read at the end of this part (before yuzuki leaves to Tokyo). Story was interesting and characters were goods. What pissed me off was the behaviour of yuzuki right before she finally decides to date with MC (dont tell me it's a spoil everyone would have guessed that she is fated to date him). Her behaviour was just stupid and frustrating... 2. Tokyo part (after Yuzuki goes to Tokyo). Basically this part is horrendous to read. Drama, drama, drama and drama. That's all. Illogical actions, stupid actions and it's SLOOOOW. It's not like in any drama where everything is solved in 5 chapters. It's a hell for 100 fucking chapters. A hell where you will learn to hate Yuzuki and the author. You will read the whole part part being frustrated and in the incomprehension of everything, especially of Yuzuki, a character that you previously believed that you knew her and her behaviour. The part is finished very well but it will make a poor collateral victim that didnt deserve that and that act has raised the hate of many readers... 3. The "couple" life. This part is very good if you do not hate Yuzuki (basically if you forgive her naivety and her stupidity from the second part). It is filled with fillers where MC does cute things with Yuzuki. I think what made me love that part was the fact that I just blindly like Yuzuki even knowing what she done and the fact that you can finally relax with drama and romance with Yuzuki. It's like if you were MC, you have the feeling you have won a competition and now you relax with the price. It does not only consist of fillers based with MC and Yuzuki. It will be a great part to develop friendship and the other interesting characters that you know since a long time. Their relation, their lives and more. This part was for me the perfect slice of life possible, it's mainly because of that part that I give a 8.5 for the manga. The end of the story will bring out a little bit of unecessary drama but it's a feather next to a barett 50 compared to the second part. It's also very short, only a few chapters so it's not troublesome. The art is good especially to enhance girls's emotions and their cuteness. To conclude, it's a love story where you will see the best part of love and the WORST fucking part of love. It covers everything from the good to the bad unfortunately. At least second part will make you a drama warrior. If you do not like overwhelming drama and frustration do not read, believe me it's better for you.

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