A Tough Alpha Wants to Be Loved: Cornered by a Young Omega - Reviews

Alt title: Kowaomote Alpha wa Idakaretai: Toshishita Omega ni Semerare Horare

A Tough Alpha Wants to Be Loved: Cornered by a Young Omega
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Feb 16, 2021

To be so truncated, this is quite a perplexing and profound manga!  While reading the first (of only two) chapters, one might get that this is simply just a trash porn manga for the mere sake of being a trash porn manga however, upon completion of the second (and final) chapter, this manga's very extensive and weighty social commentary becomes abundantly apparent.  In the narrative we have an all male social heirarchy of which Alphas are on top with Betas running a distant second.  In third place and at the very bottom rung of the social ladder are the Omegas.  The story deals predominantly with Ikeya, an Alpha's Alpha who is afforded every advantage in life—good looks, good job and a voracious libido—however, unlike and very atypical of Alphas, Ikeya "secretly" desires to take a passive (sexual) role/position to an Omega's domination.  Enter Yuuhei who, despite being an Omega, is an ambitious social climber and status seeker, not content with his station or treatment in life.  Enter Chiharu who could either be an inferior Alpha or a superior Beta.  Chiharu, despite himself being subjugated by Alphas, seeks to subjugate Yuuhei and emasculate him into submission and to relegation into his inferior social class.  During a particularly brutal interaction between Chiharu and Yuuhei, Ikeya intervenes, subdues Chiharu while simultaneously defending the honor and humanity of Yuuhei, whom he (Ikeya) then enters into a very socially unacceptable (dominant Omega/submissive Alpha) but loving relationship with.  Upon completion of this very sagacious little manga, it's clear to detect the author(s)'s modus operandi.  Ikeya represents the elite/oppressive class, Chiharu represents those oppressed by the upper class(es) but who oppress others (or even their own) to obtain a comfortable spot amongst the elitist oppressors while Yuuhei represents those relegated to society's under class(es), be it the American Descendents Of Slavery, Indian Dalits, Australian Aborigines, and the like, who fight for justice, social status and reparation as well as an end to oppression.  With Ikeya we have a multifaceted character.  Ikeya also represents the enlightened of the oppressor class who see the immense injustices of the hierarchal order as well as beyond the prejudgements and stereotypes associated with those deemed their inferiors and seek to somehow elevate the oppressed's position and treatment amongst society, such as the Abolitionists.  I really wish this manga had a longer run as I truly believe it has relevent social commentary and could go on to make quite an impact!

10/10 story
7/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jul 3, 2020

It's a rlly good manga just a shame it's so freakin short, about an uke alpha x omega 

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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