A Thousand Cranes

Alt title: Cheongae-ui Hak

Ch: 37
2018 - 2019
4.275 out of 5 from 1,110 votes
Rank #450
A Thousand Cranes

Craig has been thinking a lot about death lately. Working thirteen-hour shifts to pay off his father’s insurmountable debt, taking care of his little brother in between, exasperated and ready to collapse, Craig can’t help but wonder: would it be easier to end it all? It was just an ordinary day like this when Craig stumbled onto the scene of a bloody murder. Now Craig is on the run, pursued by a criminal organization’s most lethal member: Dean. In the hunt, however, the two soon find themselves chasing anything but death.

Source: Tapas

Includes 3 extra chapters.

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One word: Beautiful Imagine what happens when two people living completely different lives in completely different worlds end up having their worlds colliding. Craig and Dean are honestly one of the most beautiful couples I've ever read about. They're extremely well-created, dynamic and while they're definitely flawed human beings; together, these two just come together so well. This is a story of two people who have struggled so much in the past and finally find salvation through each other. I really love that this story focuses a lot on the process of slowly fleshing out the events rather than quickly trying to get to the spicier more NSFW moments because while those were great, I think I was able to fall in love with the characters so much more because of their situation and their vulnerability. To Dean, Craig is like a ray of light, a beacon of hope that drags him out of his nightmares. With him, Dean learns for the first time what love is and how precious, fragile yet turbulent this emotion can be. Dean is someone who is strong yet weak. Someone who learns love through Craig yet is still too scared to hold on to him. Someone who is kind, yet doesn't realize it. But Craig does... :') Craig is someone who is responsible and hardworking. Someone who trudges through life day by day without any hopes of a better day tomorrow. Someone who is forced to be strong because of his circumstances.  These two, despite their bittersweet circumstances, still somehow seem to find love in a way that makes me hope that they can hopefully be together forever. Thank you for this amazing story.

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