A Tender Love

Vol: 3; Ch: 106
2018 - 2020
3.616 out of 5 from 28 votes
Rank #13,002
A Tender Love

A young girl becomes the princess in a foreign kingdom and vies for the cold prince's love despite the obstacles that stand between them.

Source: Pocket Comics

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Binged this in ~8 hrs because I saw this on Pocket Comics, and since this was a completed series, wHy nOt read it? Long story short, love triangles ensue in the palace for this historical drama-romance which 1. has a decent plot line and 2. ends pretty well. Here's why I rated this low. The characters. Specifically the great crown princess and great prince (the second male lead.) (*mild spoilers*) Here is what my thought process sounded like throughout the course of the comic: awww cute cute--> uhhh plz don't do this--> sigh, whatever :/ --> hm, this FL cries in every chapter l --> omg you f***ing selfish idiots, the amt of trouble n drama you caused, literally breaking the laws and trampling ppl's feelings, feel bad for them --> damn great crown prince has to save their asses, he deserves more --> alright alright slightly inproved --> okay i like the inner monologue realizing the error of their ways --> why do they like this FL again? --> the other princesses had every right to feel jealous bc this FL is so ignorant of her actions --> yes blow up their mistakes to their faces --> sigh wish there was more romance --> good ending but wish the last chapter had more panels (*mild spoilers*) As you can see, the characters went from interest to disappointment to frustration to EVEN MORE frustration and now i'm just angry but then an "oh well, all's well that ends well." I don't understand how they love the female lead so much because I understand she was mesmerizing in the beginning but she remained as a naive, incompetent crybaby of a princess that keeps lying to save her face so I honestly sided with the side characters and understood why they were jealous of her. I thought the couple endgame made sense and not for a rushed-bad reason either, although I wish they upped the romance more rather than the drama of how they became a couple (i liked this couple btw.) Otherwise ATL is a very simple, generic love triangle drama-filled story so the plot was solid, thoroughly explained, and ended well. Has its cute moments and art is fine :)). Just the main characters being really unlikable for awhile which was blegh.

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