A Talented Maid

Alt titles: A Capable Maid, Neungnyeok Inneun Sinyeonim

Ch: 86+
2019 - ?
4.059 out of 5 from 2,265 votes
Rank #2,603
A Talented Maid

As Maurina, she's on the run as the last of her kingdom’s royal line. Disguised as Marie, she is just a maid, serving the victorious empire. She’s never been very good at anything, so when she's told to make a wish, she asks for the ability to help others and bring them happiness. Now as visions of brilliant and skilled people fill her dreams, she’s imbued with a bounty of abilities perfectly suited for any dilemma. But will her secrets last as the crown prince seeks out both Maurina and Marie?

Source: Tapas

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Read up to chapter 47 The main reason I'm writing this review is the same reason I'm dropping the manga.  In all fairness, it started out quite well. The main character's personality and motivation were shown early on. The premise of a maid with a theoretical infinite skill tree was interesting, but it did get repetitive. Marie was set up as a kind-hearted yet incapable character that wishes that she could do more for others. While this can hinder greater character development I expected it in this type of story. Though she is a Mary Sue character, the author never led us to believe otherwise. Not to mention her motivation to leave the palace helped keep the story interesting for a period.  However, I've reached the part of the story where the romance is developing and personality is important. Regrettably, none of the main characters has a personality. The male lead is cold and mysterious but has a soft spot for Marie, and only wears a mask to cause misunderstandings. The second male is warm but tragic and likes the MC but isn't even hinted at having a chance. The potential third male lead is introduced and promptly shelved off for a later conflict.  Marie personal skills seem to only be baking which is only useful to raise the affections of the male leads, and she never does anything creative with her magically granted abilities after their single-use scenario has passed and we know she can because she can still play the piano well and serve good tea after the initial use! The part that really annoyed me was the author's depiction of Arabic people and Islam. While I understand that the characters attitudes towards the Arabs may have been historically accurate, the author themselves has not framed the story to show they disagree with it. The only thing the main character has going for her is her 'kind personality' so, historically accurate or not, being racist just breaks the story. Normally, I could look past it as things and often people are rarely mentioned past their single-use scenarios. But this is when the romance starts to pick up and the lack of personality becomes apparent. With her only goal becoming less important to her (any tension of which was ruined for us early on with the male lead saying he wouldn't kill her), and her only personality trait sullied there really isn't a reason to keep reading.

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