A Tale of an Unknown Country

Alt title: Shiranai Kuni no Monogatari

Vol: 3
2002 - 2003
3.616 out of 5 from 10 votes
Rank #9,145
A Tale of an Unknown Country

16 year-old Princess Rosemary is furious with her older brother Prince Mash. Without her consent, he has promised her hand in marriage to Prince Lionel of Yurinera. Although the two kingdoms are neighboring countries, they are worlds apart. Arudera is a small, poor country filled with an abundance of greenery and untouched nature, while Yurinera is a very large and wealthy nation. Princess Rosemary decides to disguise herself and journey to Yurinera to sabotage the marriage proposal and sneak a peek of her husband to be. But when she arrives she discovers Prince Lionel to be completely different from the cruel and cold-hearted person he is rumored to be. Despite her original plan, she finds herself falling in love with him!

Source: CMX

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