A Single Round at Romance is Enough!

Alt title: Miyeonsineun 1-hoecharo Jokada

Ch: 50+
2021 - ?
3.678 out of 5 from 88 votes
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A Single Round at Romance is Enough!

Romance simulation video games are usually a mess-free way to date handsome men, but after Shiyeon Choi wakes up in one, she wants out! In her new gamified life, she quickly realizes how rude the male leads are. Thus, Shiyeon decides to “Bad End” all of her love interests, determined to give them a taste of their own medicine. But despite beating the game, she finds herself back at the beginning once again. In this round, she plans to live freely and blow off the MLs... but will she succeed, or is romance in the air after all?

Source: Tapas

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Interesting and refreshing by far!  The main character is a heroine brought into an alternative world with the goal of reaching a happy ending. She clears the round but the god sends her back because she wants a happy ending for the heroine and not the stereotypical game-clear happy ending. The FL decides to live life the way that she wants and makes use of any and all opportunity that she failed to take the first time around. This manhwa is like an otome isekai set in a school, like most Japanese otome isekai mangas. They focus more on the school setting rather than the world building, which is a challenge because the plot and the characters have to shine brightly to avoid it from being repetitive and boring. And the author did succeed!  I won't say the key plot mechanic which will definitely spoil the whole manhwa but that was what made me sit up and pay attention. I didn't see this in another manhwa so far (of the many that I've read) and I wanted to see how the author will make use of it to drive the plot forward while maintaining tension amongst the characters. So far, they used it for comedic purposes and it was actually quite amusing to watch. The FL isn't your stereotypical FL either. She actually reminds me of Rosalette from If You Touch My Little Brother, You're All Dead, except with a more light-hearted tone. The FL doesn't care for the judgement of the other characters and brazenly does what she likes, as long as it meets her objective while respecting other people. She would resort to underhanded pranks and doesn't like any of the male leads, who finds her all the more ~interesting~ because of her lack of interest in them. Male leads here are your usual group but due to that one mechanic, they're definitely a little spicier than I'm accustomed to. They're not as hot but they're still plenty attractive. Personally, I'm rooting for either the red haired one because I want to see his character develop the most. Should you give it a try? If you're interested in something new and you want something more light-hearted than the usual manhwa release, definitely try this out!  Reviewed at Chapter 19.


Since it's only published up to chapter 27, I haven't finished the story yet, but so far I think it's REALLY good... But that does depend on the translation. If you read the official translation on tapas (or you know, one of them other sites :X) then it's an extremely funny story with interesting characters and a really original plot. Buuut, there is some other translations (y'know, unnoficial scanlations) which are REALLY bad; they cut and skip a bunch of pages, especially from the beginning, which completely ruins the story progression. So, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE OFFICIAL TRANSLATION (preferably, legally.) otherwise it will be bad.Anyways, yeah the plot is really fun. I'm gonna spoil as little as possible (mostly just from chapter 1,) 'cause more people should be reading this: basically the MC gets isekaid into some dating sim game, and the only way back to her world is to clear the dating sim with a good ending on one of the MLs (male leads.) She gets really scared about not being able to ever go home again, so she tries to act out the plot as textbook as possible, faking relationships and forcing herself to never confront the least-bad of the 4 MLs, all while using her rewinding time to an autosave point superpower. She clears the dating game by doing this at the start of the 1st chapter, but because it was a really terrible experience, it's not a "good ending" it's just an ending, so she gets sent back in time to the beginning. The problem is, in this second major loop of the dating sim, the ML she chose from the first round can remember everything that happened in the first round, and things start snowballing from there.Anyways that's the major draw for me, although there's some really good plots I did not mention; if you wanna know what they are, read the manwha. The art is pretty good, I think a little above average (my average would be a 5.) It's not as good as something like Death is the Only Ending, but it's still nice. Also the MC looks like best-girl Amber from Genshin Impact, which is a plus from me.

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