A Simple Way To Give Money (Novel)

Alt title: Gei Qian de Fangshi Jiandan Dian (Novel)

Ch: 27
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A Simple Way To Give Money (Novel)

He Jing is the second-tier little fresh meat in the entertainment industry, who is famous coquettish slut in the circle but in fact he is just a virgin who is looking for men with a handsome appearance and good body. He Jing wants to meet a handsome guy who loves his money, it doesn’t matter if he did not have money he works in the entertainment industry so he can make money to take care of him. Then he met the handsome, angry and resentful Zhou Cheng, whose clothes were cheap and he was obviously penniless so he finally could become a golden backer. Then he began to go to great lengths to give Zhou Cheng pocket money. Then he was blinded by Zhou Cheng’s black card.

Source: NU

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