A Shoulder to Cry On

Alt title: Sonyeoneul Wirohaejwo

Ch: 30
2018 - 2019
3.981 out of 5 from 1,005 votes
Rank #4,218
A Shoulder to Cry On

Dayeol hears two guys fooling around in the nurse’s office and accidentally knocks over the curtain rod. When the nurse walks in on the scene, devilishly handsome Taehyun tells her that Dayeol tried to make out with him. Before Dayeol can correct the misunderstanding, the rumor spreads and his archery scholarship is in jeopardy. To make matters worse, Taehyun doesn’t show the slightest bit of remorse; in fact, he shamelessly begins hanging around Dayeol. It’s not long before the two begin walking the thin line between hate and love.

Source: Lezhin

Includes 2 extra chapters.

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Disclaimer: Haven't finished it so perhaps you may like it.  I reccommend to give it a go since other the other reviews seem to like it.  I just cannot go on anymore due to the utter shit the uke is going through. Ok.  So i can't really write a proper review since i haven't read it all but here goes nothing... I hate the seme.  And i hate the fact that this is supposed to be a love story between the two of them.  The seme RUINED the uke's life, accusing him of trying to rape him.  That is not something that can be taken lightly.  He made the uke lose everything.  Uke's parents, classmates and teachers won't look at him the same anymore.  Uke lost his place on a sports team as well.  I really can't ship them.   Perhaps the seme could have a horrible past.  While that may make me empathise for him, that doesn't ever justify his actions.  Sorry, but no. Maybe the seme has character evoluation at the end and regrets everything he did to the uke.  Maybe the uke will forgive him.  I can't forgive him.  At all.  Ok, you feel remorseful, but that doesn't change the fact you FREAKING RUINED an innocent student's life.  You put that dude through so much.  Imagine waking up everyday knowing everyone, including your OWN parents, thinks you are a rapist... On the side note,  the art was actually really beautiful and the characters (even the seme) are really illustrated well :) EDIT: I wrote this review some time ago but nevertheless, stand by my words.  A reply to this review states some informative things but contains spoilers but I advise checking it out as it gives us the seme's backstory.  I disagree with the statement that it is invalid for myself to rate it a 3/10 due to the fact that I don't settle with a character's personality.  A character is actually one of the more important priority for me when judging a manga (characters > story/plot > art >genre).  It is not unfair, yes, I may be putting the manga off for some readers but with the plentiful of good reviews, I am sure it is fine it we all don't collectively agree on the rating, but with that argument, no one can rate anything bad or be critical as it would put it off to new readers.  For example, an easy target, I am sure the author has worked very hard for this but that doesn't mean critisisms are not allowed as personally, this fails to please me for any reasons.

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