A Sensitive Issue

Ch: 40
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A Sensitive Issue

Minjoon has a very peculiar condition: he’s hypersensitive to the point where he gets turned on by women constantly. Even the mere sound of a woman breathing next to him can get him worked up. So he’s built a life avoiding women, even to the point of picking a job on a team where there’s only men. Except, that carefully built life is at risk when Sumin is assigned to his team. Now, Minjoon must navigate his way through the office with a gorgeous coworker making his life harder and harder. Will Minjoon be able to keep everything under wraps and in his pants? Or will he finally let it all out?

Source: Lezhin

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So for starters, main premise of the story is that our MC has a crippling problem with boners whenever he even gets the smallest whiff of their scent. For most of his life he has avoided confronting the problem directly, as most of his efforts have been futilte. However, once our redheaded, energetic FMC is assigned to his department, things inevitably change.  The story is a very interesting topic, and as a guy myself, I can only feel so much sympathy for the MC here. He's pretty much what "awkward boners at the worst times possible" would be if it was a person. The wholesomeness of the romance kind of caught me off guard. Partially because it's been a while since I've read any pornhwas, but also I feel the writing is pretty good in general. One of the things I liked a lot were the vivid day dream parts as they allowed for sex scenes without speeding up the plot's pacing. The art style felt very fresh to me, and even though manhuas are literally comics, the art style very much gave me "comic book" vibes.m I enjoyed it a lot, but I know that it might not be for everyone. The sex scenes felt very passionate and the art style only complimented it all.  I also really loved all of the main characters, especially the blue haired female coworker who reluctantly supported the MC's romance. The MC himself is one of the better MCs, and I feel would be very relatable to most male viewers. Overall, this was one of those stories where even without the sex it would have been really enjoyable and it's definitely one of the better pornhuas out there.

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