A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money

Alt titles: Jeoggisaneun Nunmeon Doneul Jochji Anhneunda, The Red Knight Seeks No Reward

Ch: 47+
2021 - ?
4.419 out of 5 from 542 votes
Rank #1,568
A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money

The Imperial Knight Judith was once a scumbag that would do anything for money. She lived as a slave to money as a dog of the imperial family and a tool of the chief. Under the guise of destitution, she abandoned her guilt. But what was at the end was betrayal and death. However, when she opened her eyes, she went back to being a new knight after six years? ‘I’m not going to be a swordsman for money anymore!’ In front of Judith, who is determined to live a different life than before, the commander of the Red Knights and scouts appears... “I assure you that you will be treated fairly. Why don't you join the Red Knights?” Judith decided not to pursue money blindly as a Red Knight, abandoning her past of being a Black Knight. Can she live this life without regret?

Source: MU

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The story starts with a knight that only followed her sense of greed and achieved whatever it was to get money. She dies after being betrayed by her commander, the one who instructed her to do all those crimes.  I think the way her first life ended is very fitting to how she was leading her life, she met the karma for her greed and for not treasuring the fine things in life.  After getting reincarnated the FL showed clear determination to rewrite her past into a better one, and not make the same unwilful decisions again. The trauma isn't her whole personality unlike some stories, and she does her best to change her personality from what it was in the past. She starts to try and treasure her friends and relationships more, change the mindset of responding to violence with violence, and not be so greedy. The ML is a great commander, although he has fallen for the FL and her sword skills he tries his best not to favour her than his other subordinates. He also isn't toxic and respects the FL's wishes, he tries his best to apologize for things he thinks are his fault as the commander so the relationships he built don't fall apart. The FL and the ML are a powerful duo and it's very satisfying to see them work together, their ways of thinking are also something new to look into since it's very fitting with their personalities. The plot also isn't all over the place and I can follow what's happening without thinking "this is going too fast". The knight's jealousy in chapter 19 over the FL and the ML is sympathised with to a certain point, he has worked for years to achieve higher positions while the FL and the ML were born with natural talent and achieved those positions "easier".  Seeing the FL treasure her friends, have the will to withstand the punishments for them, and patiently teaching them is very enjoyable to read, the loyalty she's building up with them slowly is amazing character development and I love that.

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