+a no Tachiichi

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2013 - 2014
2.983 out of 5 from 214 votes
Rank #35,869
+a no Tachiichi

Satoki Houma is an imaginative girl who enjoys shoujo manga. She has long comes to terms with the fact she will never be the type of girl that is the heroine of a manga — purely because she isn’t pretty, and she has decided she prefers to watch events unfold rather that get involved in any case. However, in the perfect shoujo manga twist, one day she gets dragged to an alternate world where the people have summoned a Holy Maiden to save them…! Except so did her classmate, Haruka Toudou, who fits the exact model of a Shoujo Protagonist. Naturally, Satoki is overlooked for Haruka… except it’s not Haruka who has the powers of the Holy Maiden they wished for. What will Satoki do!?

Source: MU

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There was a note from the author at the end of the series saying that this was supposed to be a gag manga, but it ended up becoming more serious. And I suppose I can sort of see that since the set-up is ridiculous and the characters are hollow and only serve to create funny situations. The thing is, it's not all that funny and once it does start to lean more on the serious side of things, it makes all the half-assed character motivations much less acceptable. In fact, barely any of the (non-background) characters feel relatable and cohesive, other than maybe Miva and Luce. The idea of having the protagonist be a "side character" and only catch glimpses of the "main plotline" is cute, but it does lead to a lack of development on characters like Haruka, Roswald, and Sapphic since events involving them aren't always witnessed by Satoki (the character the manga follows). We also have plot-marionette characters like Jet, who can somehow simultaneously recognize that somebody is trespassing and yet still think that fe is working as a maid (and is supposed to be there). And characters like Obdima, who have no grasp of the weight of war. In fact, the manga never effectively portrays war or other life-threatening situations in a way that would evoke a serious mood.  The backgrounds are drawn badly. It seems like characters are the strong point, artwise. The clothes are often drawn well, except the skirts and other flowy materials can look a bit stiff at times. When effort is put in, the faces and hair can be very attractive, but this manga seems to spend most of its time with the characters drawn more simplistically.

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