A Life Without You

Alt title: Heeojimui Bangbeop

Ch: 65
2020 - 2021
4.121 out of 5 from 511 votes
Rank #1,602
A Life Without You

A war correspondence photographer, Yoon Ha, wakes up from a five-year-long coma after being shot in a war zone while covering a story. He wakes up only to find that his boyfriend had moved on and found another partner. While Yoon Ha was able to recover from his war zone injuries, he's not sure if he can recover from the heartbreak over his lost love. Yoon Ha tries to get past the heartbreak by meeting other people platonically, sexually, or just as friends. The story is a tale of a journey to find healing for a broken heart. become reality?

Source: Pocket Comics

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this manhwa is outstanding, the way they portrait the emotions of every main character was amazing, it was a heartbreaking story with realistic elements. All of the main cast all had great character development, all made mistakes and all had regrets. [SPOILER!] The story was beautifully written, every character had their own issues and problems. The characters that really stood out to me was Yoon (ofc hes the mc) and Taejoo, Yoon's heartbreak also broke me, I really just wanted him to be happy and for his suffering to finally end, the fact that he didn't just suddenly moved on after catching feelings for Kwon really showed how much he loved and cherished Taejoo, their loved seemed so beautiful, even until the end when they broke up for good, both of them openly admitted they still had feeling for each other, that they still loved each other but because of Yoon's "selfish" dream that Taejoo will never understand, they let go of each other because they both knew they would only hold each other back, they let go of each other because they love each other so much. Usually the ex would be branded as the bad guy of the story but here he was one of main characters, Taejoo made a lot of mistakes but honestly he's blameless, some might blame and get mad at Taejoo but he was in a really though spot, Yoon just suddenly disappeared without a trace, he didn't know whether he was even alive or not, 5 years passed and that was a really long time, he spent 5 years suffering and mourning Yoon, he spent all those times franically looking for Yoon, but when he suddenly showed up again Taejoo was obviously confused he was seeing someone else that he said he couldn't leave as that someone was there for his darkest time but he knew he still had strong feelings for Yoon. In short they really really loved each other and it was heartbreaking seeing them break up, honestly I cried so much throught this manhwa that I needed to take breaks every so often while reading it. The ending was truly beautiful, Kwon and Yoon were honestly adorable and one of my fav couples, I do hope the author gives an update or sequel for Taejoo's story, tbh I dont give a shit about Youngwoo, he deserved everything that happened to him and I hope he carries that guilt for the rest of his life. If you can't handle a deep, devastating story with sensitive topics, I don't recommand this, but if you just wanna suffer and feel pain, if you want to just cry I recommend this (along with 10 Years That I Loved You the Most) 


This manhwa is really something beatifully amazing... The story unfolds in such a peaceful manner, everything seems to be exactly where it is supposed to be. There is no unnecessary drama or just a happy ending where the characters just "happen" to forget everything that took place before. You really believe the characters, their actions are well thought and written, they behave just like real people, and that is what hooks you up with the story. *A little bit of spoilers further* The MC returns back to his homeland after being injured in a war zone. Everyone believed him to be dead since there were no news about him for 5 years. He returns to find that his boyfriends, first and only love, has moved on and started a new relationship. The MC is heartbroken and it takes him much time to accept it and let go (I especially like this part since it is such a natural reaction). The MC and his ex boyfriend rethink their feelings and their relationship in general, and in the end both understand that they were actually not meant to be. And after this realization, both truly wish happiness for each other and proceed with their lives. Meanwhile. the MC starts a relationship with his boss. Their affection towards each other is somewhat unstable at the beginning, since both are followed by their own ghosts: the MC is still dealing with his feelings for the ex-boyfriend and the boss is haunted by a former colleague that died while being on assignment trying to shoot good photos. However, SPOILER ALERT: the story ends well... kind of. The MC is happy in his new relationship and pursues his dream of making good photos even if it means that they have to part for long periods of time and he could also be injured or even die. His ex-boyfriend found his inner piece and also looks pretty happy. I wrote kind of because even if it all seems very nice, there is still some bittersweet feeling. Well, this is life, I guess, anyways. So, at the end, I would really recommend this manhwa if you are looking for some thoughtful and serios-minded story. It will send you on an emotional rollercoster, that is well guaranteed. There are enough sweet moments, but without oversexualizing (I like that a lot)

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