A Joyful Life

Ch: 74
2018 - 2019
4.169 out of 5 from 188 votes
Rank #1,158
A Joyful Life

Joy has been living an "agreeable" life as long as she can remember, making way for the happiness of others at the cost of her own emotional well-being. Stuck in the same neighborhood and house for 23 years, small issues with family, friends, work, and surroundings have eaten away at her, with more unsaid words and unexpressed feelings kept deep inside her heart. Her only hope of escape from the emptiness and distance is packing a bag for her ultimate trip, but much like the bag of items she repacks each day and shoves back under her desk, Joy is stuck, unable to find a purpose. Running into her high school crush, Aerie, and reaching a breaking point with her family and work, Joy's long-overdue goals of leaving home are placed into action. Speaking out against her abusers, and taking things into her own hands, Joy begins to find some independence and separation. Will Joy be able to find her way in the world, and resolve the long overdue issues that have haunted her ordinary life?

Source: Pocket Comics

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