A Heart for the Emperor

Alt titles: Give a Heart to the Emperor, Hwangjeege Hateureul Simeojuseyo

Ch: 60
2021 - 2022
3.419 out of 5 from 460 votes
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A Heart for the Emperor

Our protagonist ended her day as usual, rereading her favorite novel to get to sleep. But, after awakening in the body of the young Charlioni, princess of the Kingdom of Linoa, she knew it was only a matter of time before her kingdom’s ruthless defeat at the hands of Casikaf, blood-thirsty Emperor of Pretas. Such a defeat would surely spell suffering for her as this character was known as the emperor’s prisoner bride, forced to bear his child and wither away, locked within the palace. The new Charlioni concludes that the only way to save herself and her loved ones is to seduce the emperor herself and try to reason with him to end the war. Fortunately, she has the upper hand of knowing that he’ll fall madly in love with her at first sight just like he did in the original novel. There’s just one problem. The emperor is totally her type! With lives and hearts at stake, who is really seducing who? And will her efforts be enough when the novel starts veering off track and every character is not who they appeared to be?

Source: TappyToon

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The pacing is awful. What you would normally have in at least 30 chapters is dumped into 10 chapters. Plot twist and introductions and sudden progressions make it a confusing read. Also, the plot's nothing special. In fact, I find the characters idiotic. Emperor falls in love at first sight. Why? Because he fell in love with her eyes and became obsessed to the point of locking her up. So romantic *rolls eyes* Also, he's a hawt obsessive psychopath. I sometimes do love these characters, but they should be written well enough. Emperor just comes off as an overpowered jerk who's written to be soft only for FL. Flat characters. Story does super cliche trope where FL's all like "He's not that bad hehe. He slaughtered my family and took me as a trophy wife against my will in the novel (he's still the same person now as he was in the novel, so it still counts as part of his questionable personality that FL looks over way too easily) but... he didn't kill the citizens! And he's my type hehe. So now I'm in love with him for no other reason lmao." She literally spent a few hours with him and now claims she knows that he's not such a bad guy after all. They did the bad-guy-with-a-good-side trope badly, as even the pacing for that was bad and the reason, as mentioned in the sentence before, is ridiculous. Or you can just ignore my rant above as my extreme dislike for love at first sight. I believe love at first sight is a lazy plot device, unless written very well with good development, which this does not have. Also, FL is written badly. She goes from smart to stupid to smart. She's reckless and does things on a whim, in a bad, dumb way. Not cute or brave at all. Spoilers: She's a hostage, but manages to scare away her capturer, a prince, by beating him with a pillow? What was she thinking? What was the author thinking? Did they think this would portray her as a strong independent woman? It just comes off as a cheap and at best, comical, attempt at making FL seem strong. Illogical and brainless -- both FL's actions and the capturer's reaction. The art is pretty nice. Colours and lines were clean and crisp, which I liked.  If you want a very cliche, turn-off-your-brain, cutesy obsessive love at first sight webtoon, this is an acceptable one. 

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